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GitKon 2021 is the first annual virtual conference for the global Git community, hosted by GitKraken. 

Our mission is to bring all Git users, from all backgrounds and areas of focus, together to learn from and inspire one another. You will have the chance to interact with other Git enthusiasts and share ideas and new ways of utilizing the world’s most popular version control system.

The main theme for our first ever GitKon is “Uniting under the common umbrella of Git”. 

We are curating sessions from world-class speakers to cover all aspects of utilizing Git: from software planning and production to research and development, all the way to building and fostering a community.

Look forward to sessions covering: 

  • Git User and Team Experiences
  • Non-Developer Uses Of Git
  • DevOps and Git
  • Language/Framework/Service specific talks
  • Learn from your peers – Tips, tricks, and techniques

We look forward to you joining us in making GitKon the online Git event of the year!

Cost: $0.00

We are bringing together a truly world-class speaker lineup to help us all discover new use cases and collaborate better. The caliber of speakers and sessions would be more commonly seen at events with tickets costing hundreds of dollars. But we want this inaugural event to be accessible to everyone so we are not charging for tickets for GitKon 2021! 

Why should you attend?

GitKon is free to attend but registration brings some perks! 

Discord invitation
Be part of the discussion and connect with the speakers and the other attendees on the invite-only GitKon Discord. This is how we will be taking questions for the live Q&A following each session.
Free Download of GitKraken
Get your free copy of the GitKraken Git GUI

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