Call for Speakers

GitKon 2021 is the first annual virtual conference for the global Git community, hosted by GitKraken.

GitKon will bring together a wide range of professionals and academics, united under the belief that Git has the power to transform the way we work to be more productive, transparent, safe, and collaborative.

Our mission is to bring Git users from all backgrounds and areas of focus together to learn from and inspire one another. Participants will attend sessions and interact with other Git enthusiasts to share ideas and new ways of utilizing the world’s most popular version control system.

This is your chance to help shape the future of how the world leverages Git. Influencers and decision-makers from some of the largest companies in the world are planning to attend. Based on initial responses, we anticipate many CTOs, developers, team leads, designers, content managers, other professionals, and enthusiasts to be in attendance, making this a one-of-a-kind experience.

We look forward to you joining us in making GitKon the online Git event of the year!

Speakers Needed​

GitKon is looking for some inspiring speakers for our inaugural event.  We are seeking 12 featured speakers and 6 to 8 panelists to share their visions for how Git empowers us all to transform the way we work to be more productive, transparent, safe, and collaborative. 

We are planning 2 full days of talks on September 22nd – 23rd from industry leaders telling their stories of how Git and version control brought transformation to their organizations and to their lives. We are bringing together folks from the Enterprise world, academia, and open source communities to learn from one another and rejoice in the awesomeness of Git that unites us all.  

The deadline for submitting a proposal is July 23rd at 11:59pm PDT/UTC -7.

While we will review all submissions, preference will be given to talks that are new or revised with up-to-date, relevant content.  We hope to deliver a truly unique event and look forward to hearing your ideas.


The main theme for our first ever GitKon is “Uniting under the common umbrella of Git”.  We welcome speakers with a story about the transformative nature of Git in their work. 

We are looking for sessions that cover all aspects of utilizing Git: from software planning and production to research and development, all the way to building and fostering a community.  

While we will review all submissions, we are specifically looking for sessions that address the following themes.  A few title suggestions are included with each theme, but do not feel limited to use these:

Git User and Team Experiences

  • Standardizing the team workflow for fun and profit
  • “It worked for us”: Stories about shortening our team’s learning process
  • What I wish I would have known before we hired our third developer


Non-Developer Uses Of Git

  • Content management with Git
  • How Git is transforming the world of academic research
  • DBA’s all need Git, here is why

DevOps and Git

  • GitOps vs DevOps and which is right for you
  • Build Management and tuning your CI/CD pipeline
  • Automation For The Win (or the fail)
  • DevSecOps and the Agile team


Language/Framework/Service specific talks

  • What you didn’t know about Python development and Git
  • Why testing APIs with (X tool) should be part of your version control strategy
  • I’m a proud polyglot and Git helps me keep everything orderly


Learn from your peers – Tips, tricks, and techniques

  • Advanced branching strategies for complex workflows
  • Git hooks let you do WHAT?
  • How to solve X by adopting this one weird process


Featured speaker sessions will be presented via a pre-recorded 30 minute video and include 15 minutes of live Q&A.

Panel Discussions will be presented via a pre-recorded 30 minute video and include 15 minutes of live Q&A.

Selection Process

Talks will be initially blind reviewed by the GitKon/GitKraken internal review committee, comprised of folks from different departments and backgrounds. Speaker information will be used in any final reviews necessary to break ties and bring a balance to the speaking line-up. Final selections should be complete by August 16th, 2021.

Honorarium And Compensation

While we appreciate the efforts and time commitments each speaker will make to bring world-class content to our global audience, we are not offering any financial support or compensation for this free-to-attend event.

Submitting Your Session

If you’re interested in speaking at GitKon, please first familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct, and then complete the proposal form which includes a brief description of your proposal (2-3 paragraphs is fine), proposal title, and speaker details. The deadline for submitting a session is July 23rd at 11:59pm PDT.

Accessibility And Special Considerations

We strive to make speaking at GitKon as accessible as possible. If your session is selected and you need additional support, please inform our team by contacting If you’re considering speaking, please remember that we’re seeking a range of speakers from different backgrounds, communities, and experiences.