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Thank you for registering to see the GitKon 2021 sessions!

You can watch all the sessions from GitKon in our unlisted YouTube playlist, available exclusively for GitKon registrants. 

Plus, you can access 5 exclusive GitKon Bonus Sessions.

We also invite you to join the GitKraken Slack community to meet other GitKraken users and talk about all things GitKon and GitKraken. 

Keep an eye out for more updates, and please note: if you’ve previously unsubscribed from GitKraken emails, you’ll need to update your email preferences so we can reach you.

A special thank you from your GitKon hosts:

GitKon was hosted by GitKraken, a leading provider of Git productivity and collaboration solutions like the GitKraken Git GUI + CLI and Git Integration for Jira, relied on by 6 million developers in Agile DevOps teams at 85,000 companies around the world. 

Join the Git revolution: download GitKraken for free and request that your Jira admin start a free trial of Git Integration for Jira!

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