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Matt Biilmann

Few things have had as large an impact on the modern web as Git. How has Git shaped web development, and how can extending a Git-centric workflow unleash new productivity possibilities for your team?
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Edward Thomson
Product Manager for npm

Git is the dominant version control system and spawned an entire software ecosystem. This keynote will look back at Git’s humble beginnings and help you plan for future Git and ecosystem directions.
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Git User and Team Experiences

Johannes Schindelin
Staff Software Engineer

Hear from Johannes Schindelin, maintainer of Git for Windows at Microsoft, as he provides insights about the challenges of cross-platform development and collaboration and strategies for success.
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Leslie Chapman
Distinguished Engineer

Are your developers rushing through code reviews? Is your team always scrambling to include changes right before a release? See how Leslie Chapman of Comcast uses Git and GitHub analytics to analyze and improve team processes.
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Michelle Mannering
Developer Advocate

Git isn’t just for developers. In fact, you can use Git to work with everyone in your organization, and it will lead to better products and services for your customers. Hear from Michelle Mannering from GitHub about how to use Git and GitHub for ultimate teamwork.
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Non-Developer Uses Of Git

Zoe Bachman
Sr. Curriculum Manager

Git is fundamental to learning how to code, but is extremely difficult to understand. Hear about how Codecademy has approached the challenges of learning Git and what they’ve learned by teaching thousands of students how to use Git.
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Jessi Shakarian
DIA Design Guild
UX Designer

Aside from software development, in what other ways can we use Git to structure our lives? See how you can use Git to draft and edit a book, as just one example of how Git can be used beyond coding.
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DevOps and Git

Brendan O'Leary

Brendan O’Leary
Sr. Developer Evangelist

What 4 simple measurements will help your team quantify and achieve DevOps success? Enter DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) metrics.
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Angel Rivera

Angel Rivera
Senior Developer Advocate

Explore the relationship between Git and continuous delivery and get strategies that developers can implement to gain more value from combining Git with CI/CD tools.
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Git With Services and Frameworks

Adam Culp
Learning A-Z
Senior Principal Software Architect

A surprising number of development teams have failed to adopt automated deployment. Learn how to use Amazon CDK and GitHub Actions to control the entire CI/CD deployment process yourself.
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Facundo Giuliani
Developer Relations Engineer

Have you heard about Jamstack? If we consider the advantages of static web pages, we can create scalable websites with better performance and enhanced security, all at a lower cost.
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Adam Wride
GM Planning Solutions

In this session we’ll cover how to leverage Git, a tool you are already using, to get all of your updates into Jira without jumping over to Jira each time you commit. We will take a look at Smart Commits and Automation for Jira as paths to drive Jira and help developers focus on developing.
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Git Tips and Tricks

Dylan Beattie
Founder and Director


A few wise old souls remember the days when version control meant remembering to write the date on a floppy disk. But here in 2021, Git has revolutionized collaborative software development. Join Dylan Beattie of the Rockstar programming language to see the weird and wonderful ways we can use Git in unorthodox ways to affect new domains.
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Michael Miles
MIT Sloan
Director of Web Development

Being able to easily manage and communicate changes in code releases is fundamental to the long term success of teams and projects using git to manage their codebase. This talk will help teams easily manage their growing product.
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Panel headshots For Git Tips And Ticks

Hear from 5 Git experts from around the world as they share their favorite Git tips and tricks for mastering the world’s most popular version control system.
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GitKraken Panel Discussion Speakers

Ever wondered about the origins of GitKraken? Do you want to know more about why the GitKraken Git GUI works the way it does? Are you interested in hearing about the future of the product? You won’t want to miss this session.
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GitKraken Sessions

Jonathan Silva
Product Manager

GitKraken is an industry leader in developing Git productivity and collaboration tools for development teams. Whether you’re a new or seasoned Git user, GitKraken makes working with Git easier, safer, and more powerful. In this quick intro you’ll see why millions of developers rely on GitKraken.
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Justin Roberts
Director of Product

GitKraken provides the #1 Git GUI experience enjoyed by millions of developers worldwide. The Kraken krew is at it again, aiming to revolutionize the keyboard driven Git CLI experience in your terminal. Get a sneak peek of the GitKraken CLI Preview!
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Justin Roberts
Director of Product

See why the GitKraken Git Client is the most productive way to use Git as a team. In this session, we will dive into how GitKraken lets you easily understand which of your team members is working on what files and branches. Join this session to see how GitKraken detects and alerts you of potential conflicts so you can prevent them from ever happening!
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Jeff Schinella
Director of Product

See what GitKraken has in store to help fast-moving teams better understand and fine-tune their workflows. This session will unveil some of the GitKraken Roadmap to give you a sneak peek at some features coming to your favorite Git productivity and team collaboration tool!
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Bonus Sessions

Eric Amodio

Eric Amodio, Creator of GitLens, sat down for an interview with GitKraken’s Developer Evangelist Dwayne McDaniel in the days leading up to GitKon. 
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Joe Glombek
Bump Digital
.NET Developer

Are your git repos a dumping ground for code? Let’s investigate how, with 5 simple tips, we can turn a code dump into a glorious archive of software and how this can save time, frustration, and money.
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Mathieu Ha Sum
Alohi SA
Frontend Developer

Let’s uncover the hidden superpowers of GUIs and learn how embracing your uniqueness will nurture your personal growth and empower your whole team.
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Roy Vanegas
The University of Hartford
Assistant Professor

By re-contextualizing Git’s branching model in the classroom, educators can share examples and assignments with learners in an easier manner, while also simplifying the assignment submission protocol for students. There are pros and cons to this approach, and both will be discussed during this session.
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Corbin Crutchley

Have you been using Git for a while and wonder how it really works under the hood? A common answer is simply that “all of the data Git needs for a repo is stored within a folder called `.git`”. But of course, that’s not a complete answer, is it? Do you want to know how the .git folder is able to track all of your changes?
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