Building GitLens, A VS Code App Used by 10 Million Devs

Eric Amodio, Creator of GitLens, sat down for an interview with GitKraken’s Developer Evangelist Dwayne McDaniel in the days leading up to GitKon. 

In this session, Eric gives a high-level overview of why he built GitLens, an app that supercharges the Git capabilities built into Visual Studio Code, and he explains what problems he is solving for over 10 million developers who have installed the app. 

Hear how Eric first encountered Git and how he first came to leverage Git commit messages for a better developer experience by exposing project histories directly in an IDE.   

 You won’t want to miss Eric sharing some of the lessons learned and insights he gained while working with the VSCode community and the extension developer he runs. This session is chock-full of advice for anyone wanting to go down that same path.

Target Audience:
All (General information for everyone)

Git With Services and Frameworks

Bonus Content – Exclusive to GitKon Registered Attendees

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