Git Behind The Scenes: How Git Really Works

Have you been using Git for a while and wonder how it really works under the hood? A common answer is simply that “all of the data Git needs for a repo is stored within a folder called `.git`”. But of course, that’s not a complete answer, is it? Do you want to know how the .git folder is able to track all of your changes?

Let’s explore how Git’s internal plumbing utilizes your file system to keep references to branches, commits, files, and more!</span

In this talk, we’ll outline:

  • The file structure of the `.git` folder
  • How data is encoded for storage
  • What Git uses as data structures internally
  • What happens under-the-hood during common operations
  • How to recover from major data loss in a Git project

Target Audience:
Advanced (For experts who want to dive deep)

DevOps and Git

Bonus Content – Exclusive to GitKon Registered Attendees

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