How Git Is Changing The Web

When looking at the landscape of web development and how it’s changing, we might be drawn to all the different frontend frameworks and libraries—React, Next.js, SvelteKit, Astro, etc—that are constantly evolving. But few things have had as large an impact on the architecture of the modern web as Git. In this keynote, Netlify CEO Matt Biilmann will discuss how extending the Git-centric workflow to all web development has transformed the architecture of the modern web. Matt covers how and why he bet his entire company on Git, some of the ways Netlify and the Jamstack architecture were shaped by Git’s innovation, and new ways Git-based workflows can unleash developer productivity for your team.

Target Audience:
All (General information for everyone)

Git User and Team Experiences

Wednesday, September 22
9:30 – 10:30am PDT

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