Repos, Riffs, And Rockstar

Developers of a certain age remember life before Git. Some of us remember Subversion, some of us remember CVS… a few wise old souls remember the days when revision control meant remembering to write the date on the floppy disks where you kept your source code. But here in 2021, Git — and hosted platforms like GitHub — have revolutionized collaborative software development.

Like most professional developers, Dylan Beattie has used Git to manage serious software projects. But he’s also used it to accomplish some fairly unorthodox things – from managing the codebase and website for the Rockstar programming language, to creating sample projects for training workshops where each module lives in a live branch, to creating build scripts that calculate semantic version numbers based on Git commit history. Join Dylan for a look at some of the weird and wonderful ways that we can use distributed revision control to manage codebases and projects, a discussion about how we could apply Git’s ideas and patterns in other domains, and maybe even a musical surprise or two.

Target Audience:
All (General information for everyone)

Git Tips and Tricks

Thursday, September 23
10:30 – 11:15am PDT

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