Eric Amodio


Eric Amodio is an entrepreneur, innovator, leader, architect, and full-stack developer. His passion lies in dreaming up new ideas and bringing them to life through code. Eric thrives on challenges and solving complex problems, while also ensuring that the challenges accepted and solutions devised are always made with an eye on the bigger picture — the user experience. He prides himself with the ability to be able to see the forest for the trees, as well as being able to dive deeply into the details. He takes great care in the experience, architecture, and code of the products that he builds.

Eric is also an open-source enthusiast and maintainer. He open-source; both building and contributing, loving the collaboration and the sharing of knowledge-driven in the open-source movement. Eric’s favorite editor is Visual Studio Code and his favorite technologies currently are TypeScript, Node.js, and .NET Core.

Eric Amodio, Creator of GitLens, sat down for an interview with GitKraken’s Developer Evangelist Dwayne McDaniel in the days leading up to GitKon.  You won’t want to miss Eric sharing some of the lessons learned and insights he gained while working with the VSCode community. This session is chock-full of advice for anyone wanting to go down that same path.

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