Jonathan Silva

Product Manager

Jonathan Silva is a Product Manager at GitKraken. Having joined the team in 2013, Jonathan has watched the GitKraken product unfold as the Director of Support before transitioning to product team. You might also recognize his voice from our Learning Git YouTube series and our GitKraken release videos. He’s a big fan of Claire Saffitz’s Dessert Person, and frequently shares his baked goods with the team. 

Ever wondered about the origins of GitKraken? Do you want to know more about why the GitKraken Git GUI works the way it does? Are you interested in hearing about the future of the product? You won’t want to miss this session.   
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GitKraken is an industry leader in developing Git productivity and collaboration tools for development teams. Whether you’re a new or seasoned Git user, GitKraken makes working with Git easier, safer, and more powerful. In this quick intro you’ll see why millions of developers rely on GitKraken.

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